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TENGA Flip Zero Series Vacuum Sucking Masturbator Cup Sex Toys For Men

RM 379.00
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Product Description

Bursting With Stronger Sensations!

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The FLIP ZERO is back with the fan-favorite Strong Black Edition!
The futuristic FLIP-style returns with firmer material and bolder details for an all-new experience from the FLIP series.

● The new internal structure provides strong stimulation through big, bold details.
● A new, stronger material blend provides maximum squeeze and suction.
● The seamless insertion point creates stronger suction and reduces lubricant leakage.
● TENGA’s unique FLIP-style design is easy to wash and dry.

The TENGA FLIP ZERO creates a step-up in stimulation, bursting with even stronger sensations.

Size: 70×80×180mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Packaged Size: 77×92×213mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Packaged Weight: 460g
Other Info: Reusable, Sample Lubricant Included



Q: Is the FLIP 0 reusable?
A: The FLIP 0 is reusable with proper washing and maintenance. Product life may vary depending on intensity of use, care of cleaning and storage.

Q: Is the product electronic?
A: This product is not electronic and may be enjoyed manually.

Q: How should I wash the FLIP 0?
A: Please wash under running cold or tepid water after use.
Once washed you can use the Slide Arms as a stand to dry the product.

● Please do not place in water above 50C.
● You may use neutral soaps but do not use alcohol based cleaners or highly acidic or alkaline detergents.
● Please ensure the product is dry before storage to avoid mold or other build-ups.

Q: Does the product come with lubricant?
A: The FLIP 0 comes with two pouches of our HOLE LOTION [REAL] water-based lubricant.

Please note we can not guarantee use with any lubricant outside of our TENGA HOLE LOTION Series, such as third party lubricants.

Q: How does the FLIP 0 differ to the FLIP HOLE?
A: Where the FLIP HOLE was two separate halves held together by a hinge, the FLIP 0 features our “”Integrated Pivot”” – a hinge inside the product body. This makes the insertion point of the item seamless, which drastically reduces lubricant leakage as well as improves vacuum intensity – especially with the addition of a new one-way-valve.

On top of this, the FLIP 0 is made of our Premium material, that was previously only available in Japan, and with our improvements in molding and engineering technology, the details are the most intricate to date.
With the new design, the FLIP 0 is not only easier to hold, but the Slide Arms also allow for much easier assembly.

Q: Where should I lubricate the product?
A: Open the product and lubricate the interior details. Lubricating the insertion point before use will also allow for smoother entry.

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